The Podcast is LIVE!

It’s been an amazing few weeks getting everything setup for our debut. We’re focused on providing the kind of quality content that we enjoy and everything we’ve done leads me to believe we are very close to achieving that. Right now you can listen to us on iTunes, Google Play and SoundCloud, though we’ve already reached our limit as far as a free account will take us on that last site. Who knew we were so long winded.

For those of you wondering about the name change, rest assured the brilliant name Stool Talk will still be what we call our podcast. Seeing as how we want to think bigger though, we’ve gone ahead and done a little re-branding and will now be operating under the name Outhouse Network. We feel it sounds a little bit more like where we want to take this, which is beyond a simple (ha!) podcast. Eventually, we’d like to start producing more visually-focused content and we didn’t want to limit ourselves with the Stool Talk name. We’re still working on a logo, since this genius idea struck us overnight.

Anyhow, let us know in the comments what you’d like to see in the future or how much you love the Outhouse Network as a name.


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